Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology can be used commercially to get concentrated extracts of food products and spices like ginger, capsicum, black pepper etc.

It can also be used for the extraction of natural perfumes, decaffeination of coffee and tea, removal of nicotine from tobacco, cholesterol from eggs.

The gaslike qualities of the supercritical fluids provide ideal conditions for extracting analytes with a high degree of recovery in a very short time.

Bacteriostatic conditions are reached during the process, with exclusion of atmospheric oxygen and limitation of oxidative reactions.

There has been a lot of concern about harmful carcinogenic effects of residual solvents.

Supercritical Fluid extraction technology is the answer to this serious health risk.

Carbon dioxide is a solvent generally recognized as safe (GRAS status) for the production of food ingredients by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), readily available and cheap at high purity.