About Us

South East Agro Industries Limited (SEAIL) was incorporated on 27th October 1993 and it obtained certificate of Commencement of business on 12.07.1994.

SEAIL offers its clients products , process development, research & development for new products / samples / formulae and commercial production of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics products employing the Supercritical Fluid Extraction process.


  • Supercritical fluid extraction is a flexible dynamic technology that enable us to tailor products to customer demands without excessive cost.
  • Ideal process for Extraction of Essential oils from flowers, herbs and spices.
  • Extraction of food flavors from herbs and spices.
  • Medicinal extracts for health food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Hop extraction for beer production. Removal of natural pesticides (pyrethrins).
  • Extraction of Natural food coloring, antioxidants, and vitamin